Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Mwalimu Nyerere/Mt. Kilimanjaro Charity Climb 2011 (post 5 of 15)

Monday 19 September 2011
I was one of the first clients in the CRDB branch Bank in Moshi when it opened, having survived Moshi with only four thousand shillings yesterday because of an ATM card that is defective.

Jaffar Amin called to inform me of his arrival as I was having breakfast and I picked him up and we headed to the Springlands Hotel. I told him I was relieved he had managed to join the climb because Jim Becket's documentary depended on his presence.

At Springlands Hotel Jim had arrived with Jim Whitney, the cameraman and his son August who resembles one of the younger European princes. I don't know whether I get the impression from his haircut or whether it is his height. I hint some resemblance.

Andrea Wobmann was also present, rearing to go and with her constant jovial mood.

I attempted to stay up working late, as usual on the eve of a Kilimanjaro climb, but felt unwell from the flu-like symptoms induced by what I suspected was a night spent in a hotel room with a Gypsum ceiling.

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