Saturday, 2 March 2013

Happy Vietnamese New Year from Kilimanjaro Club member

Here's a late post from a New Year message I received from Le Huynh, member of the Kilimanjaro Club:

Dear friends,

      Many of you are probably familiar with the word "Tết" which means the Vietnamese New Year. We use the lunar calendar and the first day of the lunar new year starts from the 10th February of this year. This year will be the year of the Snake!

      May the snake bring you force, prosperity, plenty of "bites" in all of your endeavors, and most important of all, good health to enjoy all the good bounties this year will bring you.

Chúc mừng Xuân Quý Tỵ (happy new year water snake),


I feel quite at home with the year of the snake, having had a few close encounters with snakes:

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