Sunday, 8 November 2015

Slideshow: An 85-year-old grandmother climbs Kilimanjaro

It proves my point that climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro has more to do with mental than physical endurance. Anne Lorimore may also have set a world record for the oldest person to have reached the summit.

I have seen a lot of physically built-up individuals, mostly men, who have succumbed to the challenge of reaching Africa's highest peak, at 5,895m above mean sea level.


From her explanation after completing her climb, she had one other compelling reason not to fail. She was also raising money for a charity. I have always combined my climbs with raising money for charity and each time a particularly physically challenging part of the mountain drained my energy and filled my mind with suggestions to quit, I focused on why I was there and the funds that I was raising for a cause. And I trudged on until I reached the summit.

I failed to reach the summit once, and I recall I wasn't raising funds for charity on that particular climb.

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