Saturday, 4 June 2011

Blogging has become easier for me, I have just discovered

One problem for which I have been seeking a solution is how to post information daily on my blog during my next Kilimanjaro climb, from September 20 - 27. I just found out I have been walking with the solution for at least two years. It is so simple, it is laughable.

I bought a Windows Smart Phone more than two years ago that has the basic features for posting to a blog through an email address provided by Blogger: That handset has been with
me to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro twice. What this means is that now, when I reach the summit in September, I can post the news to my blog within a few minutes of reaching Uhuru peak. I used to report on my past Kilimanjaro climbs after returning home, days after the climb.

There are two challenges (and maybe a third one if dense cloud cover prevents Vodacom’s network from reaching the peak): first, managing in the sub-zero temperatures to remove my gloves, take a shot with the mobile phone and sending both text and image to my blog before the cold becomes unbearable.

The second is that Issa Muhidin Michuzi, journalist and renowned blogger, has also confirmed he will join the September climb. The race between us will be who will be the first to transmit the news from the summit to our respective blogs.

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  1. So nice Madaraka!

    Windows 8 also I read has been designed mostly to artistically liaison with the mobile technology.

    Mada, I have been using Windows since 1995 until I came back to Tanzania from U.S. at Musoma around 2003 and I still do use it. I was so hesitant to use Open Sources which was the centre of the Operating Systems for the use at JUA LTD, but as long as new versions were keep developed and we couldn't kept up, I reckoned to use Open Sources.

    I understood it also not a good thing really for me to always use and to our students by keep on instaling the pirate copies of Windows since most of them were anxious with news versions which they couldn't able to pay even for a single US $.

    All of our servers are Open Source and we have never ever developed a major glitch, and some of simple glitches can be rectified by the online sources that are widely available for Open Sources.

    Windows are here to stay when it comes to IT, and mostly for the profits, makes sense. I was reading one article that has some words saying, 'whenever Microsoft goes, IT follows'. This has true sense when money is involved. But when we look at our rural schools here in Tanzania that curricula now has ICT component, it doesn't make sense until we accept the Philanthropy of the such from peoples like Bill Gates and others which I do not count on for the vastness of our schools.

    I was recently approached by the Musoma Municipal Mayor regarding setting up a computer labs for two secondary schools of Musoma. On my budget of twenty computers lab, I apportioned half i.e. ten computers to be installed of Ubuntu 12.04 which are free and remaining ten with Genuine Windows 7 Starter Operating System that each cost US $ 70.00.