Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Mwalimu Nyerere/Mt. Kilimanjaro Charity Climb 2010 (post 12 of 12)

Next to reaching the summit, the most satisfying part of the climb is receiving the certificates for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. The honour for handing over the certificates rests with the people who led us to the peak and back to the comfort of Springlands Hotel, where the expedition began.
First in line was Jaffar (left) receiving his certificate issued by the Kilimanjaro National Parks Authority (KINAPA), handed to him by Solomon (right)
Then Ludovick (right) stepped in front of the camera to hand over Zara Tanzania Adventures' certificate to Jaffar (left)
Moments later, it was my turn (left) to receive my KINAPA certificate from Solomon (right)
And finally, Ludovick (right) stepped in view again to handover my certificate from Zara Tanzania Adventures.
We received two sets of certificates each, one issued by the Kilimanjaro National Parks Authority (KINAPA) and another issued by Zara Tanzania Adventures, the company that organizes the Kilimanjaro climbs.

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