Thursday, 25 September 2014

Vitali Maembe joins the CDEA Kilimanjaro Climb 2014 (post 1 of 10)

On my latest Mt. Kilimanjaro climb I trekked on the Machame route for the first time. I was accompanied by musician/activist Vitali Maembe.

Here's my blog log of the climb.

Wednesday 3 September 2014
I rushed through some last-minute errands before taking a bodaboda (motorcycle) taxi to Nyamisisi where I became worried I might not catch a bus in time to arrive in Mwanza in time for my Dar flight.

But I was relieved when 25 minutes later a new BATCO Coach bus pulled in and I was given the very first seat of the bus, a seat I never choose. To my relief, though, the driver drove at my preferred speed. Slow for most passengers; perfect for me.
I caught the plane to Dar on time and was looking forward to attending a press conference tomorrow organised by Culture and Development East Africa (CDEA) to publicize our fundraising climb with Vitali Maembe.

Next: The press conference

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