Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The training continues....

I continue with my cycling routine as part of my training schedule. In the third week of this new effort, I am already feeling considerable improvement in my level of fitness.

I still have some discomfort tying my shoe laces - there's that bulging obstacle above my waist that compels me to make an extra effort to reach at my shoes.
After cycling with Ross, he recommended a cycling app called MapyMyRide that I have used since and as I resume my recent cycling routine, I have attempted to log my routes with this app but not without some disappointment. The past few sessions went unrecorded because I had made an error in the settings and instead of logging hours of cycling I recorded hours of crunches and leg lifts.

The other good news is I am already cycling on a 22.2-kilometre route, something I had planned for December and only after I got used to the 13-kilometre route.

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