Saturday, 3 August 2013

Riding with Ross Methven: day 3

Ross Methven is riding a bicycle from Edinburgh, Scotland, to Cape Town, South Africa. He is currently cycling through Tanzania and I am accompanying him on part of the Tanzanian leg. My Mt. Kilimanjaro guide, Yahoo, says cycling is one of the best training options for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Wednesday, 31 July 2013
We began cycling early, at around 0730hrs, worried that we had a long stretch from Kibara to Kisorya, the point where we would take the ferry across to Ukerewe Island on Lake Victoria.
At some point between Kibara and Kisorya we paused to observe the long road behind us.
We both thought we made good progress because when we stopped to ask how far ahead was the last village before reaching Kisorya, we were told we had already cycled passed it. We intended to have our lunch at that village. We lunched at Kisorya instead within the beach area where the ferry offloads. I had ugali (hard porridge) with a fish stew while Ross had ugali with roasted goat meat.
If you want to donate to Ross' cause please follow this link:
The ferry arrived at Lugezi at 1530hrs and, more than an hour later, I stepped onto Ukerewe Island for the first time. Later I thanked Ross for being the cause of my arrival on Ukerewe. We cycled another 8 kilometres before reaching Nansio, the district headquarters.

In the evening our guide Yohana Ladislaus, who met us on his bicycle half way from Lugezi, gave us a rich account of a sampling of Ukerewe's history and a description of some of its varied cultural and historical attractions.

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