Sunday, 8 September 2013

Riding with Ross Methven: day 10

Ross Methven is riding a bicycle from Edinburgh, Scotland, to Cape Town, South Africa. He is currently cycling through Tanzania and I am accompanying him on part of the Tanzanian leg. My Mt. Kilimanjaro guide, Yahoo, says cycling is one of the best training options for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Wednesday 7 August 2013
The guest sandals in the rooms at the Bondeni Guest House in Tinde have two separate colours, to discourage guests from stealing the sandals.
The blue and red sandal combination of Tinde's Bondeni Guest House whose floor is crying for a facelift. My feet are also probably crying for a pedicure.
Chapati and green tea is by now the established choice for breakfast. At "Kontena", where we ate last night, I had chicken soup with two chapatis and, not quite satisfied with the portions, added two more chapatis while Ross had tea with two chapatis. In my case, lack of appetite is not an issue. And I can say that for Ross with some certainty.

Then we set off on a short cycling leg of only 40 kilometres to Nzega.
Most places we stayed in allowed us to take our bicycle inside the rooms. The hotel room in Nzega.
When we stopped for lunch at Nzega Ndogo and mentioned how far we have cycled so far (I normally first mention my distance and then, for emphasis, I mention how far Ross has cycled) and how far it is to the final intended destination, a few people ask: "Why don't you take the bus?" I imagine there would be less support for Ross to raise donations for UNICEF if he chose to drive a car from Scotland to South Africa rather than cycle that distance.
If you want to donate to Ross' cause please follow this link:

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