Saturday, 21 September 2013

Riding with Ross Methven: days off

Sunday 11 August 2013
As I had told Ross in Mwanza on day 5 of our cycling trip, I traveled back to Mwanza by bus to catch a plane to Mwanza and a flight to Dar es salaam the following day to attend a meeting.

During the bus ride to Mwanza a ticket inspector who boarded the bus in Shinyanga asked me where I had left my bicycle. I later told Ross that in those 11 days of cycling we probably began to attract the notice of the bus drivers and other bus employees who travel daily on the road between Mwanza and Dodoma.

During our 11 days of cycling so far, from Butiama to Iguguno, we had lodged an average of 52.84 kilometres per day (32 miles). I thought it was insignificant - because we planned a minimum of 55 kilometres of cycling daily - until someone at the meeting in Dar es Salaam commented that I looked extremely fit and was overflowing with energy. Then I decided 52.84 kilometres was good enough for me.

Almost a week later, I returned to Iguguno to resume our daily dose of cycling.

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