Friday, 21 November 2014

Vitali Maembe joins the CDEA Kilimanjaro Climb 2014 (post 5 of 10)

On my latest Mt. Kilimanjaro climb I trekked on the Machame route for the first time. I was accompanied by musician/activist Vitali Maembe. 

Here’s the fifth post of my blog log of the climb 

Sunday 7th September 2014
It was great to meet up with Ross Methven at Machame Gate, at the start of our first day of my 9th Kilimanjaro climb. I suggested we climb Mt. Kilimanjaro together after I cycled with him for 18 days from Butiama to Dodoma when I accompanied him last year during his cycling trip from Edinburgh, Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa.

A sign at Machame gate displays the vital statistics of our route to the summit.
The trek up to Machame camp (2,890m) is, in my opinion, of mid-level difficulty. At 11kms, it is also, comparatively, of mid-level distance between camps measured against the other two routes I have trekked todate: Lemosho and Machame.
Vital, left, and Steve Kerenye, the assistant guide on the trek to Machame camp.
Vitali seemed to struggle along during the early stages but he later took off and I trailed behind him and Steve Kerenye, the assistant guide.

I feel my legs are relatively strong but the breathing could be better

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