Friday, 28 November 2014

Vitali Maembe joins the CDEA Kilimanjaro climb 2014 (post 7 of 10)

On my latest Mt. Kilimanjaro climb I trekked on the Machame route for the first time. I was accompanied by musician/activist Vitali Maembe.

Here’s the seventh post of my blog log of the climb

Tuesday 9th September 2014
I had an unusual dream last night, but I won't provide details. It is common to have unusual dreams at high altitudes. Jaffar Amin dreamt he was being swallowed by a giant snake during this climb.
An early morning photo at Shira Cave camp with the Shira Hills in the near distance and Mt. Meru further behind.
I continue to affirm my conviction that Machame is a relatively less challenging route than the other two routes that I have climbed: Lemosho and Marangu.

Vitali experienced moments of fatigue on our way to Lava Tower, the highest point on today's hike. On the way down to Barranco camp he became invigorated and talkative. I sped up the descent and, in this section, I am felt the strongest I have felt during all past climbs. A good sign? Most likely.

At dinner I argued with Yahoo on whether we have a six-day or a five-day climb. I said five; we were supposed to complete the climb on the 13th, and not the 12th as is planned now. I was counting a day that contains 24 hours, while the norm is to count the actual calendar days covered on which we are on the mountain. 
An item that I find indispensable on Mt. Kilimanjaro is this map. It provides a display of all the routes with altitudes for the various camps.
For the first time on a Kilimanjaro climb I suffered from a running stomach after we ate dinner at Barranco. I have written how energy-draining it is to go to toilet at high altitudes and so the worst thing that can happen to a hiker while on a climb is to get a running stomach.

Next: Barranco camp to Uhuru camp

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