Monday, 3 November 2014

Vitali Maembe joins the CDEA Kilimanjaro climb 2014 (post 3 of 10)

On my latest Mt. Kilimanjaro climb I trekked on the Machame route for the first time. I was accompanied by musician/activist Vitali Maembe. 

Here’s the third post of my blog log of the climb 

Friday 5th September 2I014
Steve Kamau, Zara’s travel consultant, told us that Mama Zara has waived our accommodation charges and that we would only pay for food and drinks. That was welcome news. She has regularly been generous and supportive of my annual charity climbs.

Mama Zara is Zainab Ansell, the Managing Director of Zara Tanzania Adventures, our outfitters for this Kilimanjaro climb. Zara also own Springlands Hotel, where we are staying ahead of our Kilimanjaro climb.
Zainab Ansell.
I had to travel to Arusha for a cash withdrawal because my bank does not have a branch in Moshi and I do not have an ATM card.

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